Seeing cultural landmarks and visiting various locations within your tourist destination is one of the favorite holiday activities. By visiting the island of Lošinj and Camp Čikat, you have certainly chosen the right starting point for excursions.
Our entertainment team organizes these excursions a few times a week:
  • Streching Monte Baston
  • Bike tour
  • Dolphine way
  • Eco tour

Ask for more informations about these excursions on the camp reception or with our entertainment team.

Information point for excursions close to the Aquapark.


If you decide to explore the Lošinj archipelago on your own here are some suggestions:

Excursions on Foot

Discover the south part of the island of Lošinj on foot. Take the aroma paths and isolated bays all the way to the village estate in Balvanida Bay where you can have some island lamb baked with potatoes under a lid, subject to prior notice. Visit Krivica Bay and be let yourself be amazed at the turquoise blue color of the sea. After relaxing in Krivica, climb up to the Sveti Ivan hill providing a view of the Apsyrtus Islands. You will also find the Sv. Ivan Chapel dating back to the 18th century on the hill. The duration of the excursion is 5 hours.

Here you can see a plan of foothpaths and promenades on the island of Lošinj PDF (1,86)

Boat Excursions

During a boat excursion to the sand island of Susak and Srakane, you will discover the playful shores of Lošinj and the islets and visit the island of Susak completely made of sand, which makes a unique island in the Adriatic. The island boasts its sandy beach, the Susak folk costume and winegrowing. Cultural landmarks include a wooden Romanesque cross dating back to the 12th century.

Take a circular trip around the island of Lošinj and visit the island of Ilovik and learn something about this island of flowers or take an excursion to the neighboring island of Rab known for its old town core and 4 bell towers.

Excursions by car, bus, camper...

Take a tour of two Lošinj towns – Veli Lošinj, the smaller one, and Mali Lošinj that has a bigger population and area and is the biggest town on all Croatian islands. Discover the most beautiful stories, alleys and narrow streets of Mali Lošinj and Veli Lošinj and visit the Tower and the gallery in Veli Lošinj with a professional guide. Learn something new about the bottle-nosed dolphins living in the Cres-Lošinj Archipelago at the Blue World educational center and find out many other interesting things … Visit the Aroma Garden in Mali Lošinj with a number of plants growing exclusively on the islands of Cres and Lošinj and find out why many people visited Lošinj in the times of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy.

You can see plenty while staying on the island of Lošinj and the neighboring islands, but you should not miss the oldest town on the islands of Cres and Lošinj – Osor, also known as the museum town. Bishops and rulers had their seat in Osor over 4000 years and you will feel a touch of history while walking its old narrow streets. Above Osor is the Osorščica hill with the highest peak on the island, Televrin (588 m), providing a magnificent view of the Cres-Lošinj Archipelago. Continue to Valun where they found the Valun Tabelt dating back to the 11th century and then to Cres where you should visit the town gate, Mandrač, the square and the parish church.

If you decide to visit these places by bus here is a timetable of local buses PDF (88 KB)

Please contact the camp reception for more information.