Vital One Program

…from now on at Čikat campsite!!!

Vital One is designed to enable the individual to gain the three most important things in life that only he can influence, and these are: vitality, longevity and peace of mind.

Four-day program

  • bio-energy treatments
  • Yoga, Thai Chi, Chi Kung, Five Tibetan Rites
  • school of yoga breathing techniques - pranayama
  • guided meditation 

Healing with Bio-energy

Healing bioenergy is scientifically verified and recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO). This method of healing works through the laws of nature; bioterapeut diverts energy from nature (since it is part of us, the environment and the universe) on human / patient. In this way, the body is released and the delay of energy balance is established within the organism, strengthens the immune system, and self-healing ability of the body gets out of all disorders and diseases.

Vital one program Vital one program

Yoga, Thai Chi, Chi Kung:

Ancient art of Yoga, Tai Chi and Chi Kung are the legacy of the human race in pursuit of health. They are the basis of the culture of prevention and health maintenance in the most populous countries of the world. They are also a spiritual practice, folklore, harmony and meditation in motion. By practicing these simple and soothing therapeutic movements, we achieve deep relaxation of muscles and tendons and good energy flow through the body and internal organs.

Vital one program Vital one program

Pranayama - Your breath is the most valuable thing you've got!

Through breathing we take in over 50% of the necessary life energy in the body, 30% through water and only 20% through healthy food. Through breathing we also discharge more than 80% of toxins and stress. Breathing techniques - Pranayama - represent the top of the science of breath. By exercising the same, we strongly energize the body, increase lung capacity and their utilization. We re-establish the balance between spirit, mind and body.

Vital one program Vital one program

Meditation – Would you like to inhale the new energy?

Most people spend a life time in three relative states of consciousness: wakefulness, dream and deep sleep. Meditation is a scientifically validated mind technique that helps us achieve higher states of consciousness, deep relaxation and a high degree of vigilance. Relaxation has many beneficial effects on health, well-being, and stress relief. Through regular exercise and meditation we achieve even higher goals - increased creativity and enthusiasm, affirmation of personal talents, etc.

Meditation is the process of getting to know Yourself - connecting with Our original and primeval nature.


‘We have discovered hidden parts of our body and mind.’ – Bruna, IT

‘Benefits I felt after the treatment made me bring my whole family. You always try to provide only the best to your loved ones. Thank you so much and see you soon for sure.’ – Stela, Maja, Dražen and Nataša, SI
’Thank you very much for an excellent, successful therapy in a wonderful location, led by an excellent professional therapist. Thank you, thank you, thank you.’ – Polona, SI
‘This was an amazing experience in so many ways. It was nice meeting you.’ – Paolo, IT
‘Thank you for your good messages. You are an excellent teacher and keep doing what you are doing. I will remember this forever. Good luck and thank you.’ – Sandra, Tanja, HR
Program schedule
from Monday* to Thursday
8 h - 10 h  Yoga, Pranayama, Thai Chi, Chi Kung, Meditation
18 h - 21 h
Healing with Bio-energy
Saturday** 20 h - 21:30 h
Gong sound bath
* New group starts every Monday!
** Only in July and August.

Info & reservations: Gianni +385 91 893 1972 or at

Location at Čikat campsite: