Whatever your needs are, enjoy a carefree camping holiday in Čikat

In tune with modern-day trends, Jadranka turitam d.o.o., the owners of Camping Cikat, have been making a series of improvements to the camp's infrastructure to provide a better level of camping experience for people with disabilities. 

Now, whether you are wheelchair-bound or have some other type of physical disability or special health need, Camp Cikat could be the ideal place for you to enjoy a carefree and safe holiday surrounded by marvellous natural surroundings. 

Camp Cikat awarded the V4A award for commitment to special needs provision

In recognition of the infrastructure upgrades now available within the campsite, Camp Čikat has been awarded the V4A Award for its commitment to providing a safe tourism environment for people with special needs. This award is given to companies who have implemented a series of measures that ensure that the following groups of people can enjoy a carefree and safe holiday:

 'people with permanent or temporary motor disabilities, sensorial limitation, food allergies and intolerances, as well as elderly people, diabetics, people on dialysis, obese people and families with young children'

 This award represents the most prestigious certification of its kind in Europe and is recognized by ADAC (Germany).

Facilities for the disabled at Camp Čikat


Accommodation adapted for people with physical handicaps

Two of our pitches are exclusively reserved for disabled people and are located close to sanitary facilities. In addition two of our mobile homes are also equipped for those with disabilities. 

Parking close to accommodation

Guests who have booked a pitch can park a car on the pitch, while those with a mobile home booking can use a parking space close to their accommodation

Sanitary facilities for the disabled

Sanitary facilities reserved for people with disabilities are blocks 6, 7 and 11. Fully equipped sanitary facilities in Blocks 6, 7 and 11 have access to a ramp with a maximum incline of 25%. They have a 53/55 cm height toilet with a front opening that can be approached from the front and left sides and with the handle on the left side. 

There is also a wall-mounted washbasin and roll-in shower with folding seats, armrests and hooks for fixing. These bathrooms have access to a ramp with a slope of 25% and 24%. During the registration process each guest receives the key to the nearest bathroom to their accommodation. 

Safe access to beaches and the sea

Both beaches in the camp have pebble and concrete platforms built on the rocks used as sunbathing areas. Inlets have different slopes. 

Guests with physical restrictions can enter the water downhill, equipped with a lift with a seat that can be accessed over 15 feet of a 14% slope ramp. During the registration process guests may ask for a lift key to be able to use it freely.

Guide dog friendly

Pets are allowed in the campsite and thus blind and partially sighted people can move freely inside the camp with their guide dog.

Aquapark facilities

The bar is located on the first floor.  A 5 cm step leads from the bar to the terrace where there is also a stage for entertainment activities. The terrace also has short desks, armchairs and square tables with 72 cm of free space beneath the desks. On the ground floor there are also changing rooms equipped with benches and lockers; roll-in showers with a 90 cm entry; a fully-equipped bathroom with a 48 cm high walled toilet with a front opening that can be accessed from the front and the right and with a handle on both sides.

There is also a wall washer and roll-in shower with plastic seats.  

Swimming pool access for the disabled

The Aquapark has 5 swimming pools, one of which is especially for children, equipped with beach chairs and umbrellas. 

Wheelchair users can enter the pools via a downhill slope  with the guidance of a lifeguard and the pools are connected by a 27 meter ramp with a 3% slope. 



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