Camp Čikat, a part of the Jadranka turizam d.o.o. group, is a "family friendly" camp oriented towards families with small children so it features a lot of content for youngsters. It is located in the Čikat Forest on an area of 35 ha.

Jadranka Turizam, through the project entitled “SAFE CAMPING IN THE AREA OF CAMP ČIKAT“, wants to implement the standard ‘green’ practices and contribute to the sustainability of the Čikat Forest that is the identity of Lošinj. As previously mentioned, Camp Čikat (area of 35 ha) is located in the heart of the Čikat Park Forest that stretches over an area of around  236 ha.

The ‘Safe camping in the Camp Čikat Area' project has been awarded the ADAC Innovative Project Award 2019. The awards ceremony was held in Stuttgart at CMT, one of the biggest tourism fairs in Europe taking place every year in January.
All guests of the Čikat campsite can give their contribution to the preservation of the forest by adopting a pine and thus actively participate in the implementation of our project (more information at the bottom of the page).

The Čikat Park Forest is a man-made eco-system created as the result of the human attempt to shape the landscape and cooperate with nature. This unique natural locality is characteristic for complete Mediterranean vegetation coverage with a clear domination of the Aleppo pine on the higher levels. We should emphasize its exceptionally positive impact on the immediate environment as well as beyond. It has a significant impact on the microclimate and it moderates climate extremes and prevents the negative impact of wind and polluted air. Once it is purified by the tree tops, it enters the layer about the ground free of harmful substances. With its treetops and soil, the Čikat Forest also regulates the water regime of the area, especially air humidity that is the result of transpiration thereby contributing to exceptional air purity. However, the most significant role of this protected natural object is its tourism, aesthetic and recreational function that must be maintained at all costs.

Numerous analyses of the condition of the vegetation of the park forest executed by top experts in the fields of urban forestry, and the analyses by Professor N. Slavko Matić, Professor Dr. Branimir Prpić and Professor Dr. Đuro Rauš from the Department of Forest Engineering at the Faculty of Forestry, University of Zagreb, have established very different conditions of this forest. 

The dominating Aleppo pine is in the condition of ecological over-maturity (130 years old) and, as time passes, it loses its vital characteristics and is endangered by sudden deterioration and can dry out, and, as such, it can be a threat in terms of safety to walkers and camp guests.  

The general goal of this project is to contribute to quality and long-term management of forest areas, that is, protect, and in accordance to expert recommendations, nourish, renew and rejuvenate the forest area. In addition to the general goal, the additional goal is to increase the level of safety of guests who are in the area of the park forest and Camp Čikat.

The specific goals of the project are:

  • Prepare an assessment of the health condition and statics of trees in Camp Čikat that will encompass:
  1. Tree mapping and numbering
  2. Identification of the main health conditions of trees
  • Develop a proposal for planting and measures (long term measures for managing the forest area within Camp Čikat)
  • Raise awareness about the importance of sustainable nature management with the employees, guests and other interested public

The expected results of this project are:

  • Completion of the elaborate about the assessment of the health condition and statics of trees in Camp Čikat
  • Completion of the proposal of the zones for planting and growing measures
  • Completion of several trainings regarding the process of afforestation safety and environmental protection
  • Organized afforestation action in cooperation with camp guests

A firm that specialises in arboriculture consulting, that is, assessment of the health condition of trees, statics and risks, was hired to prepare an elaborate regarding the assessment of the health condition of trees and statics in Camp Čikat.

Camp Čikat takes care of its pine trees

At the end of 2016, Camp Čikat started a project entitled “Safe Camping in the Area of Camp Čikat“. By monitoring the condition of the forest using the VTA method, we started the first phase of the project counting a total of 5,295 trees only in the area of the camp with  4,872 (92 %) trees being the Aleppo pine. 

With this project, Camp Čikat works to continually improve the level of safety of the guests of Camp Čikat, their property and property of Camp Čikat itself. The project wants to decrease the probability of trees falling down and branches breaking due to strong winds.

Throughout the project, each tree was numbered and diagnosed and maintenance instructions were received. Because of this, some trees were pruned or cut down due to the poor condition. In order to minimize the appearance of the reduced number of pines, the project called for planting of young pine trees.

In order to minimize the appearance of the reduced number of pines, Camp Čikat decided to plant young pine trees during the next phases of the project.   

Young pine trees are planted several times per year in the camp and they include participation by the camp employees and guests as well. If you would like to participate as well, please inquire at the reception. 

So far, around 200 new pine trees (Pinus pinea) have been planted at the camp.

As far back as 2012, the management of the company Jadranka turizam d.o.o. geared the development of Camp Čikat towards the creation of a new offer in the camping resort offer – development of an eco and health camp with an emphasis on camping of families with children. This is an offer that would ensure recognisability of Camp Čikat and Lošinj as a destination for autochthonous – healthy post-season, pre-season and winter vacation of campers in line with the brand of the Island of Lošinj (the island of vitality). More specifically, the established philosophy entails management of the area according to the eco village principle, design of the accommodation and gastro amenities of the existing house with a yard and design of gardens with transplanted fruit trees, seedlings and other autochthonous island plants. Guests will be offered various programs tied to the traditional island activities, such as olive tree growing (oil mill), organic food, wine production, production of citrus fruits and similar, as well educational – ecological production.

The activities we are implementing with the goal of renewing and protecting our forest are just proof of the continual work on the implementation of the vision we have established. Since we have horticulture employees in our system, we continually invest to improve the knowledge in the area of horticulture as well as arboriculture. As far back as 2014, with the goal of gathering information and exchanging experiences in the area of ecological farming and agro tourism, our employees went on a 3-day visit to the representative gardens in Germany and Austria including: Freising, Weihenstephan Gardens, Ansbach, Hortus Insectorum Insect Garden, Schvabisch Gmünd, Weleda, St. Pölten, Arche Noah, Zwettl, Sonnentor and St. Leonhard am Hornerwald, ReinSaat.

With the goal of including our guests in the project as well and giving them an opportunity to participate in the renewal of our park forest, we are collecting afforestation funds in a special account (guests may also donate money and “adopt“ a pine). In addition, when planting new plant materials, we will organise common afforestation actions our guests, in addition to our employees, will be able to join. This year, we placed educational boards in Camp Čikat.

Adopt a pine – participate in the planting of young pine trees 

The long term goal of the project entitled “SAFE CAMPING IN THE AREA OF CAMP ČIKAT“ is to fully remove unhealthy pines and replace them with young pine trees. 
You can help us with that. How? Adopt a pine! Donate to plant new pines!

The price of the adoption package is EUR 50.00, and the package includes a plaque with a name, an adoption certificate, information about the project, a photo of the tree and a suitable souvenir. If you want to participate in the project, please ask for more information at the campsite reception.

You can monitor the condition of the forest and the adopted tree at on this map »

“Each day I produce enough oxygen for 4 persons.” – a tree 

Camp Čikat

Afforestation Team

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