Camping-Cum-Cane® (Camping with Dogs) is a leading project which aims to facilitate the coexistence of campers who are dog owners with campers who are not. The project has been running since 2007 in Camp Slatina, Martinšćica, on the island of Cres. The German ADAC (German Automobile Club) awarded this project the 2008 ADAC-Camping-Award's prestigious award for news in the camping-caravanning sector, and soon there were many other awards for this innovative and dog-friendly project, which we commonly call the CCC project.

From 2018 - The CCC project is available in Camp Čikat

Recognizing the wishes of guests and the fact that more and more people love to stay in the camp with their dogs, Camp Čikat has introduced this innovative project to its already wide range of camping services and facilities. As the project has already been quality tested and successfully implemented in Camp Slatina, the CCC project in its entirety is available in Camp Čikat from 2018.

Behind the concept of Camping-Cum-Cane (CCC) lies the motto: "A pleasant vacation and stay in a camp for guests without and with a dog". The CCC project includes: important rules for dog owners, a  dog-friendly infrastructure, a specially designed dog training course, individual and group lessons, as well as various events and competitions conducted by a CCC licensed trainer.

Here's what Camping-Cum-Cane® offers:

  • Brochure (informative material) Camping-Cum-Cane® - Čikat, available to guests immediately on arrival translated into several languages
  • Safety requirements as a result of  the obligation of keeping a dog on a leash while in the camp
  • Hygiene and care points: showers for washing dogs and hair care
  • Dog faeces disposal requirements
  • Access to the sea and beach within a special bathing zone for dogs, with a safe entrance to the sea and hooks for leashes
  • A walkway with fun equipment for dogs located near the campsite
  • Teaching in groups or individual classes held by a CCC-licensed coach, all related to: behaviour while camping with your dog, activities, sports and various events
  • CCC-test: whoever wishes to can take part in the course (6 days, one hour per day) and take the CCC-Dog-Test. The course ends with an exam and a certificate is awarded: CCC-test-1st degree
  • In emergency cases we can call a local veterinarian (a payable service)
  • Dog trainings twice a week
  • Dog parcour court with equipment.

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CCC signs you will find in the campsite:


CCC Zone

CCC Training

Short leash

Walking area

Long leash

Dog beach

Faeces disposal

Dog shower


Parkour agility dog playground

Camping Čikat offers its guests a vacation in an environment customized for dog owners. In return, we expect dog owners to behave responsibly and in a considerate manner to each other, as well as to all other guests.

We arranged a playground for dogs as part of the CCC (Camping cum cane) project. The playground is fenced and equipped with various devices, of which we single out the following:

  • Hoop Jump, height approx. 30 cm
  • Rover Jump Over with adjustable heights
  • Slalom
  • Tunnel
  • Seesaw
  • Broad Jump 

While your pet is playing, you can sit comfortably on a bench in the shade of century-old pine trees and watch them play. There is also a water connection on the playground to help your pet refresh after training / playing / walking.

During the high season, dog trainings are held on the playground twice a week, where our licensed trainer can teach your four-legged friend some basic commands, as well as give you, the dog owners, some useful tips.  In addition to the playground, the campsite has a beach for dogs.

Don't miss to visit our dog playground, your pet will be grateful 😊

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If you're considering coming to Camp Čikat with your dog for a holiday, then be sure to have a look at our range of pet friendly mobile homes that specifically cater for you and your pet. Facilities include both small and large dog beds; fenced terrace area; and food and water bowls.

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