Camping with your children at Camp Cikat

An innovator in providing child-friendly camping facilities, Camp Čikat in Lošinj is the first camp in Croatia, and one of the few in Europe, to offer first-class facilities for camping with children, allowing you to fully enjoy your camping holiday with all of your family. 

Dedicated to providing camping fun for you and your children

The child-friendly facilities at Camp Čikat include:

  • a number of child-oriented educational and creative workshops, allowing you to spend time with your children in an environment they will love as well as learn
  • our camp entertainment team who provide daily programmes for both children and adults  including a carnival ball, mini discotheque, volleyball tournament and organised bike trips
  • the Pepé Family Fun Park, providing your children with endless fun and amusement, and where you can safely leave your kids while you enjoy a romantic dinner at our restaurant located right next to the fun park
  • Aquapark Čikat, the first of its kind on a Croatian island, is a child's paradise! This 5 pool waterpark in the heart of campsite Čikat is a place to enjoy for the whole family

The Pepé Family Fun Park

Camp Čikat features the Pepé family fun park, a children’s play zone fully equipped and safe even for the youngest ones, as demonstrated by the European 1176 Certificate under the 1177 Floor Safety Standard and the PVC material certificate complying with the latest health regulations. 

Your children will surely have lots of fun on their camping holiday at the fun park, where they will be supervised by our professional staff and educators. Children between the ages of 1 and 4 will enjoy the Baby Area offering facilities for socialization and development of psychomotor skills. Older children between the ages of 4 and 12 can enjoy the Fun Box with its many amusing features aimed at the development of creativity, skills and stamina, as well as the multi-purpose sports arena where children can have fun playing soccer, hockey, basketball and other ball sports.

In order to provide a safe as well as a fun environment for camping with your children, we ask all guests using the Fun Park to comply with our Playground Rules of Conduct.

Educational and creative workshops for your children

Beside the amusement options, Camp Čikat offers meals tailored to children's needs as well as educational workshops with lectures on the unique Lošinj dolphins, the magnificent griffon vultures and the biodiversity of the Cres and Lošinj islands, including an environmental workshop to teach your children to respect the wonderful nature surrounding them.

Here you can see weekly animation program in campsite Čikat for 2020 (PDF, 239KB, EN version only) »

Aquapark Čikat

Open from mid-May, Aquapark Čikat is free for all guests of the campsite and features a number of swimming pools, slides and food and drink facilities. Your children will love it, and so will you! Find out more about the Aquapark in Camp Čikat.


Other activities to enjoy while camping with children

Near the camp in the neighbouring bay 300 m away is the Čikat Sports Center offering further child-friendly family activities such as sailing, windsurfing, boat rental, scuba diving lessons and many other things. As the camp is just a light 15-minute walk away from Mali Lošinj, the island's largest town, you will also find many more interesting and fun things to do with your children in the town.

Also, and so as not to exclude any member of the family, if you have a pet dog, then he or she is also welcome at Camp Čikat. Check out another of our innovations in family friendly camping, the Camping with Dogs programme ('Camping-Cum-Cane').

If you choose Camp Čikat as your family holiday destination, both you and your youngest ones will have plenty of opportunities to have fun. Camping with children in Čikat - enjoy your holiday with all of your family on the wonderful island of Lošinj!