Environmental Management System 14001 and Quality Management System 9001

In accordance with the Management Board's decision of October 12, 2006 Jadranka Group and all Jadranka kampovi d.o.o. campsites (today Jadranka turizam d.o.o.) began launched the implementation of EMS according to ISO 14001:2004, which together with the implemented QMS according to ISO 9001:2000 constitutes our Integrated Quality Management System, the first certification was in 2008. The fifth recertification was carried out in 2023, and the standards are: ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. The Quality and Environmental Management System has been established and maintained in a way that employees on all levels, with the Management Board at the helm, have an obligation to abide by laws and other binding rules and regulations, recognize and meet the requirements and desires of buyers, prevent environmental pollution, protect the health and safety of people and manage natural resources responsibly acting in accordance with the established procedures and assigned responsibilities and continuously enhancing the efficiency of procedures and business processes.

Our mission

Our camps, and our other businesses are recognized as the undisputed leaders in their respective market segments.

Our vision

We are the Global Leader in the service business. Our accomplishments and meaningful contributions have a positive impact on society and the environment.


In 2023, Jadranka Group and Jadranka turizam d.o.o. acquired EMS recertification according to ISO 14001:2015 and QMS recertification according to ISO 9001:2015

ADAC Camping Award 2024

Brand Camping Cres & Lošinj, with the Čikat campsite, won the ADAC camping award in the ADAC Camping Booking category at the ADAC Camping Gala for the interactive map project.

The new interactive map of the campsite has been created as an upgrade to the existing map, featuring a new design, solutions, and functionalities that provide users with an even better experience in planning and staying at the campsite. The map is primarily designed for easy and quick accommodation booking, allowing guests to choose their ideal lodging based on their preferences and needs. The interactive map developed and implemented by the Camping Cres & Lošinj brand in collaboration with partners represents a unique solution. It integrates with the reception program MisH by Istratech, facilitating real-time availability-based sales of accommodation units. The development and implementation were assisted by TRI M and the online booking engine by Phobs d.o.o. Campsites nominated in various categories at ADAC Camping Awards were from Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Austria, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. An international panel of judges, consisting of 44 experts from the camping industry, selected the nominees from a hundred different proposals. This award reaffirms our position as trailblazers in setting trends within the camping industry, a recognition also acknowledged by our peers in the field.

ACSI award 2023 - The most sports-loving campsite in Croatia 

an outcome of the award itself being influenced by the guests who voted for Camp Čikat as the best in mentioned category. This award is also a recognition of the numerous investments that Camp Čikat has made in the sports segment in the last few years (2 new multi-functional playgrounds, outdoor fitness, fitness within Aquapark Čikat, children's playgrounds, etc.).

Inova camp award 2023 – Camping Cres & Lošinj - interactive map project 

We received Inova camp award at the 17th Congress of the Croatian Camping Union held from November 14 to 16 in Vodice for our innovation - interactive map project. This project represents a revolution in digitalization, providing simple and user-friendly solutions that streamline the camping vacation reservation process. The new interactive campsite map is created as an upgrade to the existing map, featuring a new design, solutions, and functionalities that enhance users' planning and camping experience. Primarily intended for the quick and easy reservation of accommodation, the map allows guests to choose their ideal accommodation according to their preferences and needs. Beyond these functionalities and benefits for our guests, the interactive map project is built on principles of nature preservation and sustainability.

Recognition from the camping portal ACSI 

At the first award ceremony of ACSI, a Dutch portal specialized in camping, Camp Čikat received a special recognition as one of the 25 camps in Croatia worth a special mention.

Recognition from the magazine Caravaning

Namely, according to the selection of the relevant magazine from the field of camping industry 'Caravaning', the Čikat campsite was chosen among the 10 best campsites in Croatia. Caravaning magazine is one of the most important European camping magazines published on the German market monthly and in large circulation, and it is also distributed at all important fairs in Germany. 

ADAC Superplatz 2020 - 2024

Camp Čikat  became the 13th Croatian campsite to be considered as one of the most prestigious and best European campsites that hold the title Superplatz (134 campsites in Europe). To receive the award, ADAC inspectors’ strict criteria must be met and the best grades in five evaluated categories received: the campsite’s general setting, swimming options, leisure activities, the presence and quality of shops and restaurants (culinary offer), sanitary facilities – the inspectors’ average grade must be 5 out of 5. 

ADAC Camping Award 2019

ADAC awards campsites that go beyond the classical range of products and services and offer special solutions, attractions or future-oriented concepts. Camp Čikat Management has been awarded for their innovative project called "‘Camping Safety in the Camp Čikat Area'. The project is focused on reducing the risk from falling trees and branches caused by strong winds. Camp Čikat has launched this project to ensure continuous improvement of camping safety for guests, their property and the campsite’s infrastructure. In order to reduce treefall gaps caused by branches and infested pine trees being cut down, Camp Čikat will plant young stone pine trees. Several times a year stone pines will be planted by campsite staff and guests

Leading Campings of Europe 2019 - 2024

Camp Čikat is officially accepted to the Leading Campings of Europe. Leading Campings is an association made up of the best campsites in Europe, until now it was made up of 39 campsites in 12 countries and Camp Čikat is the 40th top-class campsite joining the association (2019). Camp Čikat is the fourth Croatian campsite to join the association of the best European campsites, as one of the leading campsites in Croatia. To join the association of the best campsites in Europe the applicant has to meet stringent quality and service criteria and Camp Čikat and its staff are always prepared for new challenges.

DCC Europreis 2018

Camping club DCC (Deutcher Camping Club) is the largest association in Germany which promotes camp tourism, offering its members numerous benefits, from providing personalized information and consultations through to discounts and insurance, etc. Apart from promoting camping culture in general through the ‘DCC Europreis’, DCC highlights camps where their members can experience  quality, identity, liveliness and a  positive spirit.

Croatia's best campsite 2017 - 2024

The award is presented to camps which satisfy set quality standards within a defined rating system split into four categories: sanitary facilities, accommodation units, catering and trade offers and leisure facilities. The prize is awarded by the Camping Association of Croatia (KUH).

Naj kampi – ADRIA 2011 – 2023

Camps are selected on the basis of those which provide a level of quality of facilities and services that justify the confidence of its guests and therefore deserve to be given this award. Camp Čikat won first place at the choice of Naj kamp 2011 - 2023 and second place in 2022 in the category of large camps in the Kvarner region. This awards is especially valuable for camps because winners are chosen by guests. 

Certficate of excellence 2017 - TripAdvisor - Aquapark Čikat

A certificate of excellence related to the quality, quantity and latest reviews received from guests. The Čikat camp 2017 receives this certificate for "Aquapark".

Inova camp 2016 

This prize is awarded to camps that stand out with their exceptional creativity and ideas. That is, campsites that can develop and intoduce innovative content and services that with their purpose, appearance, and function stand out from the standard camping offer. In 2016 Camp Čikat receives this award for "Aquapark".

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