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q/ Hi, tell me please if we can park our car directly on the pitch (comfort), or there is a parking lot elsewhere?

JL, 21.06.2022

a/ In Camping Čikat you can park your car directly on the pitch.

Admin, 21.06.2022

q/ Dear Camp! We want to come with a Tent and 3person, for 2 days,witch pitch should Im looking, is it possible to go to the non parcelled area? Thanx

AP, 10.06.2022

a/ Yes, you can come in campsite Čikat to non-parcelled area. If so, you look for a free sport when you arrive at the campsite.

Admin, 13.06.2022

q/ Good morning, what power (how many amps) is available on the pitches?

AC, 06.06.2022

a/ Electric sockets on pitches in campsite Čikat are mostly 16A.

Admin, 07.06.2022

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