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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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q/ Hello! We have booked Mobile home Easy Freed Home and i wonder if sheets, pillowcases and towels are included in the price? Or if we should bring our own? Best regards Fredrik Hansson

FH, 10.07.2019

a/ In mobile homes Easy Freedhome in campsite Čikat sheets, pillowcases and towels are included in the price.

Admin, 11.07.2019

q/ hello, we have stayed with you for two weeks on site 119 we went on today but miss you camping. we are wondering if there is any chance of getting a place on your camping from tomorrow 11 / 7-17 / 7 our caravan is 10 meters. we need electricity and preferably water.

W, 10.07.2019

a/ Pitch Superior 119 is unfortunatelly occupied in is period, but you can get Premium 119 (electricity and water) which is free until 17.07. If you would like to stay the easiest way is to go to campsite Čikate reception or you can send us and e-mail at Or you can always go on non-parcelled zone (places with electricity connections only).

Admin, 11.07.2019

q/ Is it allowed to go fishing from the shore at or near the camping site? Is a fishing permit/license necessary?

MB, 29.06.2019

a/ You can fish near the campsite, but you need fishing license which you can buy in city centre or online.

Admin, 04.07.2019

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