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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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q/ Would you be so kind to let us know if there is a tennis court, please? Regards,

AB, 21.04.2019

a/ Near campsite Čikat there are tennis courts, cca 500 m from campsite reception.

Admin, 13.08.2019

q/ Hello, i have a quastion if is a aquapark open in October?

I, 08.08.2019

a/ Aquapark Čikat ist 03.10.2019.

Admin, 09.08.2019

q/ Hello there! We just wanted to know if it's possible for two people to arrive just with a tent to stay somewhere on the non-parcelled zone without reservation in August (8-13) or if you are completely full at that time of the year? Thanks in advance, Lisa

LH, 23.07.2019

a/ It is possible to arrive in campsite Čikat just with a tent for two persons on non parcelled area, but we can not promise there will be free places. Usually there are places in the morning (until cca 12 h) because people check out in the morning and there are places, in the evening it is mostly already full.

Admin, 23.07.2019

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