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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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q/ Poštovani, Da li je kod vas možan najam pedalina? Hvala. Jasna Bevk

JB, 17.07.2012

a/ U kampu nije moguće unajmiti pedalinu ali u sportskom centru Čikat koji se nalazi cca 400 m od kampa moguće je iznajmiti pedaline, kao i barke, kanue i sl.

Admin, 18.07.2012

q/ We´d like to travel around Croatia and are not sure about our arrival at your camp. Is it necessary to book a stay for the beginning of July? Thanks! monika

MS, 16.06.2012

a/ It is no problem to come without reservation.

Admin, 17.06.2012

q/ There is a diving center in the camping? If not, where is it? Thank you for your answer

SC, 06.06.2012

a/ Diving centar is near the Camp, cca. 500 m from here.

Admin, 06.06.2012

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